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This is the place to explore plenty of Bible-based books, including colourful picture books for ages 2 - 8, Christian adventure fiction for ages 7 - 14, and mystery fiction for adults and everyone else. There's also a range of original artwork, greeting cards, notebooks, and activity books. Oh, and did I mention there are lots of freebies too? Check out the free stories on the blog and also free ebooks, audio books and more.

Enjoy exploring! xx

"If you want to say something important, write a children's book." C.S. Lewis

Highly recommended

If you are reading this and have not yet read any of this series, do yourself a favour and start at the beginning. We have read the entire series aloud as a family and I HIGHLY recommend them.

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Exciting and gripping

There is drama a-plenty and excitement mounts as the story progresses. This book is written, as are the others, in a gripping way, holding the attention of the reader to the exciting conclusion.

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Difficult to put down

Difficult to put down, amusing, and moving, this is my favourite book of the Aletheia Series. Well worth reading!

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