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Take a journey through Bible stories - solving puzzles and learning important facts along the way!

Children aged 7 and older will enjoy learning Bible stories through the activities in these fact and fun packed books! These activity books include quizzes, crosswords, colourings, word searches and more - about some of the main stories of the Bible. They are also ideal for individual or group Bible study, Sunday School teaching and home education.

Learn About Genesis, Volume 1

This volume covers the early stories from the book of Genesis - Creation, Noah & the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and Abraham. There are a variety of quizzes, crosswords, word searches, colourings and more, to help children learn the main facts of the stories. You can also use this book for individual or group Bible study with children, in Sunday School and so on.

Learn about Genesis Volume 2

This volume covers the second half of Genesis and the stories of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Quizzes, crosswords, word searches etc. will help children to explore the main facts of the stories. You can also use this book to assist in children's Bible study, home education and in Sunday School.



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