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Aletheia Adventures

The great battle at the Rumour Mill (explained in Aletheia Adventure Series Book 6) is over. Hordes of Meddlers have been destroyed.


But not all.

Many of them have fled the scene and are even now regrouping. Their leader, crafty Sir-Meddle, always has a plan, and already the evil creatures are preparing to rise again.

Hot on their heels, the Aletheian Swift Response Team is tracking the Meddlers through the land of Err. They are determined to discover the creatures' location and learn more of Sir-Meddle's plans.

Will they uncover the Meddlers' new hiding place? 

Can they, at last, destroy Sir-Meddle?


Exciting novella

This exciting novella, originally written for and featuring the author's niece, takes place after the battle at the Rumour Mill, found in Book 6 of the Aletheia Adventure Series. I loved returning to Aletheia and encountering some of my favourite characters, as well as meeting a few new ones. The author is a master at illustrating biblical truth through allegorical fiction in a way that is gripping, memorable and very effective. This story is no different. It's well worth reading!

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