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Book 4, Aletheia Adventure Series

Book 4 of the series is the first of 3 books which are about an attack on the city of Aletheia. The city of Truth is under threat, and, unless the plans of the Meddlers can be stopped, there will be serious consequences for everyone who lives there. All the favourite characters from the first 3 books unite to form 'The Mustardseeds' - a group of Christian kids who are determined to thwart the plans of the Meddlers. Whilst the chiefs of the city of Aletheia meet deep in the Academy of Solders-of-the-Cross and discuss the defense of Aletheia, the Mustardseeds meet in a barn on Pray-Always Farmlands and do likewise. But in order to succeed, the Mustardseeds must learn more about the power of prayer and the practical truth of Sanctification - being set apart to be used by God.


What will happen to Aletheia if the Meddlers' plans succeed and the city stops praying? If there is no prayer power in Aletheia, then the city is already vulnerable to the next attack - which follows in Book 5...


Through the adventure, this book explores the Biblical truth of SANCTIFICATION.


This book can be enjoyed on its own - without reading the rest of the series.


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An enjoyable and

worthwhile read

Difficult to put down, amusing, and moving, this is my favourite book of the Aletheia Series. Well worth reading!

Amazon Reviewer

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As exciting as the others

Book 4 in this adventurous series, so suited to the age group it is intended for, is as exciting as the others. This book is recommended as a worthwhile read as it so clearly explains various aspects of truth from the Bible.

Amazon Reviewer

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Highly recommend

Reading this series aloud as a family, it is not only a good, solid, Christian story but it lets us see how letting errors and lack of prayer creep into our lives can really make a difference. Cleverly and well written, this is a series that I highly recommend.

Amazon Reviewer

5 stars image.jpg
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