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Book 6, Aletheia Adventure Series

Aletheia, the great city of Bible Truth in the land of Err, is once more under threat. It has withstood two attacks by the people and creatures of Err, but another assault is coming. This time the Meddlers will use lies and slander to undermine not only the leaders, but the Truth the city stands for, too. The centre of the Meddlers' activities is the Rumour Mill, and when the people of Aletheia discover the Meddlers' plan, they know they must try to destroy this evil place. But how can they find it? And what weapon is powerful enough to destroy it?


Charlie Steady has lived in Aletheia all his life. All his family and friends expect him to become a Christian and live the life of a true Aletheian. But Charlie is fed up with high expectations and restrictions: he wants excitement and adventure away from Aletheia altogether.


When Charlie learns that the wicked Meddlers are hatching a plan to destroy Aletheia, he is intrigued and sets out to find them. But he becomes infected with their poison - he imbibes their character of lies and slander; he even begins to look and sound like them. How can his friends help him? How can he understand the Truth when he is infected with lies?


In this dramatic finale of the trilogy of the Battle for Aletheia (Aletheia Adventure Series books 4, 5, and 6) what power is great enough to destroy the evil of the Meddlers and set Charlie free?


Through the story, this book explores the Biblical truth of the LOVE OF GOD.


This book can be enjoyed on its own - without reading the rest of the series.

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Highly recommended

Tremendous values and lessons can be learned from this book. True friendship really does sacrifice all. If you are reading this and have not yet read any of this series, do yourself a favour and start at the beginning. We have read the entire series aloud as a family and I HIGHLY recommend them.

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Amazon Reviewer

The sixth book in the wonderful Aletheia Adventure Series is arguably the most dramatic of them all. Not only full of adventure, peril and excitement, this book also demonstrates, in a powerful way, the truth of love and sacrifice. Highly recommended.

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Amazon Reviewer

Compelling reading

Book 6 of this series of Aletheia adventures continues the well-written, compelling reading of the others. There is drama a-plenty and excitement mounts as the story progresses. This book is written in a gripping way, holding the attention of the reader to the exciting conclusion.

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