Book 5, The Defenders of Aletheia


The fifth book in the Aletheia Adventure Series is the second in a trilogy about an attack on the city of Aletheia, the city of Bible Truth. in this story, the Water of Sound Doctrine has been polluted, the city boundaries are overcome, and the city has been invaded by the people and creatures of the land of Err.


The land of Err is desperate to change the Truth the city stands for. they set to work to 'improve' the roads and buildings; they camp on the Pray-Always Farmlands; they introducea new, appealing religious message; and they badly want to access the centre of Aletheia and takeover the mighty fortress Academy of Solders-of-the Cross and other important buildings there.


But something stands in their way. Mysteriously, all the inhabitants of central Aletheia have vanished and the buildings will not yield to them. Is the fight for the city over? Or is there a greater, unseen power that the land of Err knows nothing about? Will Aletheia be victorious against such fearful and determined enemies? Will Bible Truth stand against the invaders? 


Follow the adventures of familiar characters and children from earlier Aletheia books as they go underground, back to the foundations of Aletheia beneath the cross, and pray and plan to overcome their enemies. 


Through the story, this book explores the Biblical truth of JUSTIFICATION and how there is only one way to be right with God.


This book can be enjoyed on its own - without reading the rest of the series. 

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Published September 2015;

Written and illustrated by Eunice Wilkie;

Approximately 53,000 words;

Includes 36 illustrations;

Available as print and ebook.


This is a small sample of illustrations from THE DEFENDERS OF ALETHEIA:


The Defenders of Aletheia is available across the UK, USA, and elsewhere. It is available to purchase through good local Christian bookshops, and through several websites, including through the following links:

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Book Sample






Hugo and Timmy took their places in Rescue Capsule Three-Sixteen. They had been granted permission to join the Capsule of which Harold Wallop was the co-pilot. Harold’s seat was in the small flight cabin. He was in charge of liaising with the eight occupants, including Hugo and Timmy, in the main cabin of the Rescue Capsule. The two boys gripped the arms of their seats as the marvellous flying machine shot into the air. 

Usually the flight of a Capsule was so smooth you could barely feel movement. But this was no ordinary take-off; and this was no ordinary flight. Capsule after Capsule zoomed straight up into the air from the hidden Launch Pad at the top of one of the towers of the Academy of Soldiers-of-the-Cross. They scattered across the sky in precisely the formation that the battle plan required. In a matter of minutes, they were hovering around the boundary of Aletheia, above the polluted Water of Sound Doctrine, surrounding the city in a never ending circle, like all the tiny second marks on a big round clock. 

It happened so quickly that the people from Err hardly glimpsed the big round Capsules’ flights. They were mostly massed around the Academy, excited and determined to follow the big bulldozer into the fortress through Door Nineteen and find the weird and wonderful things they were certain were within. They all heard the sudden strange whirring of the engines, and a couple of more observant people thought a large flock of birds flew out of a high tower, far above them. But they had no idea the city was now surrounded by the Rescuers of the Academy of Soldiers-of-the-Cross.

Further away from the Academy, the people who remained in camps and fairs on the Pray-Always Farmlands, and those who had moved into the vacated houses in The Outskirts, looked up in awe and horror at the sight. It was still early in the morning; the sun was only now lighting the sky with streaks of gold. Most of the folk on the farmlands were still in bed when the strange whooshing and whirring of the invasion began.

Some were already awake and were trying to revive their campfires and keep warm. There had been a sharp frost in the night; another reminder that winter was not far away. But they had hoped that last night would be the final night they would spend on the farmlands. The Council of Err had promised that today the takeover of the city would be complete. Today they hoped to be moving into the empty buildings and sturdy homes in central Aletheia; they would be out of the awful wet autumn, and warm and snug in the old city before the first snow fell.

But the sight of the round, hovering Capsules, which appeared intent on invading Aletheia, did not seem to be part of the Council of Err’s plan. They didn’t look like the armies of Err at all! To the invaders of the Pray-Always Farmlands they were an awful alien invasion, not the homecoming of the rightful occupants of the city of Bible Truth. And what was the thing each Capsule clutched beneath it…?


“I wish I could see the expression on their faces,” exclaimed Hugo, peering through a round window as Capsule Three-Sixteen, recovered and improved from a previous adventure, continued to hover stationary at the edge of Aletheia.

Harold spoke from the co-pilot’s seat, “Well, actually, you might be able to. We’ve replaced the glass in the windows with Spy-Glass, newly developed for the war. Fix on a spot, and then look closely.”

Hugo settled on a fixed point, looking into the garden of a home in lavish Take-It-Easy Luxury Housing. As he watched, the garden became clearer and clearer, closer and closer, until he could see the bush that was shaped like a peacock, the bird table, the small robin on the bird table, even the very smallest crumbs on the bird table! “Wow!” he murmured. He looked at the large windows of the luxurious house. A man, in his dressing gown, was enjoying a large mug of coffee and a big wedge of toast. He was holding his drink in one hand and his toast in the other. He was standing at the window, his mouth open in astonishment and fear, and, as Hugo watched, he dropped the china mug and the toast fell limply from his hand. The mug smashed and dark liquid spilled down the window and all over the floor. The man ran from the room. “This will be a nice wake up call for the people in The Outskirts,” Hugo mumbled to himself.

“When will it start?” asked Timmy, as the Capsule continued to hover in line with the many others.

“Anytime now,” came Harold’s voice into the main cabin. “We wait for the Captain’s command.”


When the Aletheia Alert sounded for Door Nineteen, Benjamin was determined to guard the door with his eyes. It was, he was certain, the very door through which he had inadvertently betrayed Aletheia. He must watch it and try and put right what he had done wrong. He stared fixedly at the door on the map and, when the first blow fell, he gave a startled cry and pointed at the massive Mission Detector screen. “Dusty!” he yelled.

“On my way,” said Dusty cheerfully. The orange dots of the Rescue Capsules, all safely in place at exactly the right time, were stationary. It was a strange pattern on the screen. The entire city was now ringed in a protective orange glow. But it was the bright red flashing light at Door Nineteen which caught their attention now.

“Door Nineteen, sir!” Dusty called to Mr Buffer. He didn’t need to explain further.

“Captain? Door Nineteen is now insecure. Repeat, breach at Door Nineteen.”

“Received!” barked the Captain. It sounded, from the background noises around him, that Captain Steadfast was in one of the Capsules which now encircled the city.

“That’s his Capsule there,” explained Dusty. “Capsule Rom-Eight-Thirty-Three. He’s overseeing the battle from the sky.” He pointed to one of the orange marks, the only one with a bright red centre.


“Capsule Three-Sixteen?” came Captain Steadfast’s voice.

“Three-Sixteen receiving you, sir,” said Harold over the crackle of airwaves.

“Change of plan for you, Three-Sixteen. Assistance needed at Door Nineteen of the Academy. Drop-Strike immediately. Repeat, Drop-Strike immediately.”

“Immediately, sir!”

Their Capsule shot forward. Timmy and Hugo gripped their seats. Now the war was truly beginning. And their Capsule would start it!

“Action stations,” ordered Harold from the co-pilot’s seat, as the Capsule swiftly approached the massive crowd which now clustered around the narrow alleyway leading to Door Nineteen. Small levers popped up around the perimeter of the floor, and the six experienced Rescuers in the main cabin immediately left their seats – although they were still tied by safety cords to their stations – and clustered around the outside of the floor, working the small levers. Hugo and Timmy watched. They were there as backup, to fetch and carry anything the other Rescuers might need. They had no experience of working the mechanics of the fantastic Rescue Capsule.

On the first rapid turn of the lever, the round centre of the floor dropped by several inches; on the second it split neatly into four segments which vanished from sight, folding precisely into the underbelly of the Capsule. A blast of fresh air suddenly filled the cabin. There was now a large hole in the floor, and, directly beneath the Capsule, was a massive tank, filled with the greatest weapon the Rescuers possessed.

“Ready to release cargo, sir,” said the most senior of the six Rescuers crouched on the floor.  

“On my orders,” said Harold. “Targeted Hit only. We’ll need additional cargo for other targets.”

One Rescuer pressed a series of keys on a compact control panel he extracted from his pocket. There were funnels and chutes and hoses to assist with the release of the weapon and, as the Rescuer pressed control keys, a large funnel swung into place from beneath the Capsule.

Hugo and Timmy could now see the motley crew surrounding Door Nineteen. A huge bulldozer had stuck its ugly metal mouth into the small wooden door through which Benjamin had gone on his adventure. It was raising its massive iron front to strike again when Harold gave the order, “Hit!” and the Capsule released its first drop.

Gallons of pure Water of Sound Doctrine cascaded through the funnel, directly onto the bulldozer of Err and the people surrounding it.

Hugo and Timmy gave a rousing cheer before they thought better of it, but the six Rescuers who were manning the chutes and funnels through which the water was channelled also gave a shout of triumph. And from the front of the Capsule they could distinctly hear the delight of Harold and the pilot too.

The bulldozer was suddenly still and silent: turned to a statue, drenched in water that disabled its engines and functions so it could do no more. The officials of Err who were overseeing the all-important break-through to the Academy cried out in confusion and dismay. This rain storm was nothing like the unpleasant autumn storms the city had been struck with lately. This water fell from a cloudless blue sky. This water stung! They cried out, running backwards into the crowd which blocked the way. “Get undercover!” they yelled. “Toxic water!”

“Door Nineteen cleared, sir,” Harold said calmly to his Captain.

“Good work, Wallop,” said Captain Steadfast. “I’ll let the Control Room know. They can dispatch troops to make a temporary repair. We’re ready for Air Rescue now. Standby, and then, since you’re in the vicinity, continue your mission at Redemption Square.”

“Yes, sir!” said Harold.

“Air Rescue, go!” came the command of the Captain, and within seconds the waiting Rescue Capsules descended in organised formation on their beloved city. Capsule Three-Sixteen shot forward again, but they did not have far to go. They streaked towards Redemption Square, following the crowds of protesters who fled from Door Nineteen and were now stampeding for their tents and shelters in the square.

“Prepare for Big Hit,” said Harold.

“Ready, sir.”


And hit they did. Over the centre of the square, over the cross itself, a deluge of the cleansing, purifying water cascaded over the ground below in one triumphant blast. Hugo and Timmy followed the action beneath them. The tents and crude shelters were no match for the Water of Sound Doctrine. It cut through the fabric and wood and plastic and even metal as if they simply weren’t there. It washed away the slogans and protest banners as if they had never existed. Materials of all sorts went flying higgledy-piggledy in every direction. Hugo remembered being on guard duty in Justification, watching Redemption Square and wishing it could all be washed clean. He never dreamed then that it was possible: but this was exactly what was happening! And when the tents and shelters were washed away, people cowered wet and wretched on the paving slabs of the square, utterly exposed.

“It burns!” some yelled.

“It stings!” wailed others.

“Toxic!” they cried.

“What burns and stings?” asked Timmy, watching with bewilderment as people began to flee from the centre of the city, trying to escape other water drops from other Capsules – which were now happening on every street.

“They feel the sting of the Water of Sound Doctrine,” explained one of the Rescuers briefly. “Permission to hit Election Terrace, sir?”

“Permission granted,” said Harold.

The Rescuer aimed a funnel at the row of extremely ancient cottages on which was written a protest slogan. It was a direct hit and the other Rescuers cheered as the water washed the wall of the cottage clean and sent the letters of the slogan helter-skelter down the drain.

“Why does the water sting the people?” pursued Timmy.

“Because they don’t believe the Truth of the Bible,” said a Rescuer. “It’s always painful to be hit by the Truth when you won’t believe!”

Timmy thought about that as they continued to watch the masses flee from Aletheia because they could not stand the Truth of the Word of God. He remembered that when he had first come to Aletheia he had hated the sight of the Water of Sound Doctrine. Timmy wasn’t a Christian then, and, to him, the water was dirty and unpalatable. This was the effect it had on those who did not believe, who could not bear to face up to what the Word of God said about them, and who missed out on all the marvellous things God had in store for people who believed. It was why the water was the best protection the city could have – until the Meddlers polluted it. But today even that would be put right, and pure Water of Sound Doctrine would once more flow around the city of Truth.  

Strangely, one or two people from Err – only a very few – did not flee with the rest. They looked surprised at the drenching water. They were dazed and puzzled. But they did not seem to feel it sting and bite as others did. And when Capsule Three-Sixteen left Redemption Square fully cleansed of defilement, and went to re-fill with water and continue the battle elsewhere, there was one girl who remained and was now sitting on the steps, at the foot of the cross.

She was the girl with purple hair who had once looked for the hidden people of Aletheia – and had followed Hugo and Timmy across the Pray-Always Farmlands.

Crystal had come to the cross. 

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