Harry the Spy



Harry the Spy: The Mysterious Snow

“Harry was a spy. Not a boy who only thought he was; not just pretending to be with all the gadgets he had received as gifts: but Harry really was a spy.”

When Harry discovers a plot to overthrow his country, nobody but his elderly neighbour and friend, Mrs Joyce, believes him. Harry is convinced that Mrs Joyce used to be a top-secret spy. The two of them set out to investigate and stop the evil plotters before the takeover of the country succeeds. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Discover the wonderful message of the Bible through the secret codes in this adventure.


Published June 2019;

Readership age: aged 7 and upwards;

Written and illustrated by Eunice Wilkie;

Approximately 24,000 words;

Will be available as print, ebook and audio book.


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Harry looked up.




The noise was coming from the spyhole in the garden fence. Harry peered through the small hole. The leafy foliage of summer had gone, and only stark, bare twigs interrupted his view of Mrs Joyce’s brown eyes.


“What was the message, Harry?” she asked urgently.


“It was from Kakobanjou,” said Harry.


“And…?” prompted Mrs Joyce.


Harry paused. Then,


“Have you ever been to Kakobanjou?” he asked.   


Mrs Joyce nodded.


“My brother says it doesn’t even exist,” said Harry.


“But has he ever been there?” asked Mrs Joyce.


Harry shook his head.


“Well, then, how would he know?”


Harry shrugged. She was right, of course, how could he know?


Mrs Joyce asked eagerly, “What was the message, Harry?”


Harry screwed up his eyes and focussed. He must recollect as exactly as he could the information he had heard. Any detail might be vital to save his country! He had written phrases on the handy piece of paper he kept for such eventualities. The ‘just in case’ piece of paper was rolled up in a tight tube and kept in a plastic capsule that slotted into the side of his Field Agent Spy Watch. He removed the paper and Mrs Joyce drew nearer, paying close attention.


You see, Harry was a spy. Not a boy who only thought he was; not just pretending, with all the gadgets he had received as gifts; but Harry really was a spy. He was also a good spy; he took his instructions from the Key to Life book – as we shall find out later in the story.


Of course, plenty of people didn’t think he was a spy; he was only a schoolboy after all. His parents didn’t seem to believe him, even though they were kind about it and said things like, “that’s nice, dear,” when he explained about the secret codes and messages he really, truly could hear. His older brother and sisters didn’t believe him either, because Harry seemed to be the only one who could do all these spy-like things; others couldn’t when they tried. Only Harry could see through walls (although the view was always quite shadowy and vague) with the X-Ray Vision Binoculars his aunt had bought him from Amazon for Christmas; he was the only one who could hear secret messages with the Ear Extension Grandad and Grandma bought him for his birthday; the Motion Alarm worked best for him; only Harry could truly see in the dark with the Night Spyer; and so it was with the rest of his spy gear as well. Nobody else seemed to understand…


Apart from his friend, Mrs Joyce. ‘Mrs Joyce’ was, in fact, Miss Joyce Freemantle. Harry didn’t know that this was her proper name: to him and his brother and sisters, the old lady who lived next door had always simply been ‘Mrs Joyce’.


Mrs Joyce wasn’t like other old ladies, who might have been fussy and particular and not understand about children who were noisy and messy. Mrs Joyce understood. She kicked their footballs back over the fence; she never complained about their noise; she never complained about anything. She took a special interest in Harry’s spy gear, quite often borrowing items from him and mending and improving them.


It was no surprise to Mrs Joyce that Harry had overheard a secret message from Kakobanjou; she expected these things to happen. It was no surprise to Harry that Mrs Joyce appeared at the spyhole just when he was trying to figure out the mysterious code he had recorded. She always seemed to know when he needed help.


Mrs Joyce waited while Harry carefully examined the information he had logged from the Kakobanjouian message. His pencil was unfortunately blunt. In addition, he had nothing to lean on but an old tree – so all in all his writing was a bit messy.

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