Bible Themed Notebooks

Explore a range of notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, and more:

Bible Study Notebooks - for kids

A range of Bible Study Notebooks, featuring illustrations from some of the storybooks on this site. Designed with children in view, they include Bible verses and interesting Bible facts at the bottom of each page.

Bible Verses Notebooks - for adults

A variety of spacious (6x9inches) notebooks featuring Bible verses on the cover, and Bible verses at the bottom of each page. These notebooks are designed for adults, and will also suit older children. 

Baby Bible Notebooks

'My Very First Bible Notebook' contains pages to record childhood memories including Bible verses, stories, songs and hymns and so on that children enjoyed from their earliest days. There are Bible verses throughout. 

Prayer Journals & More Notebooks

Prayer Journals & more Bible themed notebooks are coming soon!

Other Journals & Notebooks

Explore other lined notebooks and journals:


This range of spacious (6x9inches) journals offer a variety of attractive covers, and features nealy 100 lined pages for notes. There is no additional content, just lots of lovely space for your writing!

Brother-in-Law Notebooks

A fun gift for brothers-in-law, this spacious 6X9inches notebook is a genuine notebook with 90 lined pages, but also includes a few pages for interesting, amusing information about your family – which might just help your brother-in-law to survive!

Large Notebooks

This large notebook (8x10 inches, 20.32x25.4cm) contains 100 lined pages for any notes, and, because of its size, it would also be useful as a planner or project book. Check out the range of colourful cover designs available.

Small Notebooks

This handy notebook (5x8 inches, 12.7x20.32cm) contains 80 lined pages for notes and is available with a range of colourful cover designs.  

My Dog's Notebook

A compact (5x8inches)notebook in which to record all the details you want to keep handy about your dog.

Children's Themed Notebooks

Notebooks which match adventure stories - so children can enjoy the story, and then enjoy their favourite characters on their own notepads!

Harry the Spy: My Secret Notebook

There are a couple of notebooks available to go with the Harry the Spy story. This one is  5.5 x 8.5 inches (13.97 x 21.59cm) and contains nearly 100 lined pages for notes.

Harry the Spy: My Notes & Stuff

This compact, neat and handy notebook is 5x8 inches, 12.7x20.32cm, contains 80 lined pages for notes. Ideal for secret notes!

Gamrie Tickle: Bible Study Notebook

This 5.5 x 8.5 inches (13.97 x 21.59cm) notebook will interest children who have enjoyed The Adventures of Gamrie Tickle storybook. It includes nearly 100 lined pages and has Bible verses and facts at the bottom of each page. 

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