Aletheia Adventures

Develop an understanding of the Bible through gripping adventures

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Enter the mysterious city of Aletheia, in the extraordinary land of Err!


In the curious land of Err, and the city of Aletheia, Bible Truth comes alive. Bible verses and the message of God's salvation are explained through imagery, symbols, and other illustrations - in fantastic, exciting adventures.


The city of Aletheia represents Bible Truth, and the surrounding land of Err contains all the lies, hazards, dangers, enemies, and creatures that oppose the truth of the Bible. There is a constant battle between the Truth and the lies that surround and oppose it; there is continuous conflict as the enemies of the Bible look for ways to change, assault and ultimately destroy it.


Aletheia is a Greek word which means 'truth'.


The name was chosen because the focus of the books is on exploring and explaining the Truth of the Bible.


Ages 7-13 years


These books will appeal to children across a wide spectrum - from late Primary (Elementary) School, and throughout High School. They can be enjoyed purely as adventure stories, but older children will also be able to understand the layers of Bible Truth and symbolism.


Also suitable for adults who enjoy an adventure story!

Available Aletheia Adventure books